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Review of British Airways World Traveller Cabin from San Francisco to London

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Welcome to another trip report! On this trip report I will be taking you through my journey from San Francisco to London in British Airway’s World Traveller cabin (economy). This is on the British Airways A380 and is a plane I think everyone should try! British Airways also operate a 777 on this route too.

I arrived at the international terminal at SFO approximately 2 hours before departure. The international terminal at SFO is one of my favourite and it is always efficient in my experience. The check-in desk was very busy when I arrived and as an Executive Club member I was able to access priority check-in however this was still busy. After about 15 minutes I was able to check-in with the agent.

Check in area at SFO

Check in area at SFO

After I got my boarding pass it was stamped with a priority stamp which allowed me to use a priority lane at SFO. Security is generally fast at the SFO international terminal and you will be through in no time. BA flights depart from A gates here and there are a few shops and restaurants you can use.

The British Airways lounge is available for eligible customers and you will be able to find a separate review here. Please note it gets very full before the A380 flight due to the enormous amount of premium passengers on the A380.

Boarding commenced approximately 45 minutes before departure and the gate area was very busy. Although BA usually board by group number, the upper deck was not ready so they only started boarding the lower deck however I misheard and still went through. This mean I had the unique experience of using the stairs on the A380 which are unusually unavailable during flight.

Stairs on the A380

Stairs on the A380

Here is the World Traveller economy cabin on British Airways:

British Airways Airplane Interior

British Airways Airplane Interior

The seats were laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration on the upper deck. The is vastly superior to 3-4-3 on the lower deck so if you have the opportunity to select a seat, definitely choose the upper deck. It is also a unique experience to get on the upper deck of any aircraft! The window seats also have additional storage in the arm area which is not available on the lower deck which is a great benefit of this aircraft.

The plane pushed back about 30 minutes late but we were quickly on our way. The drinks and meal service came around about 1hr30 into the flight. In my previous review the food was okay however on this leg it was awful. I will let the photos speak for themselves!

First meal service

One hour before landing breakfast was served and there were three options of an English breakfast, frittata or pancakes. I chose the English breakfast however I could not even finish it, it was not very appetising at all!

The inflight entertainment on this aircraft did not have any technical issues for me. The USB port worked and the screen was responsive however the variety of movies and shows available was quite limited. Some of the films available were still the ones I saw the previous August when I was flying this route.

BA Inflight Entertainment

BA Inflight Entertainment

The screen size is also smaller for the bulkhead and note that it cannot be used during takeoff and landing.

The flight then landed on time. It can be quite a scrum to get to immigration from the plane due to so many passengers disembarking. Note that most A380 arrivals will arrive at C gates which will mean you need to take the transit or the tunnels.

I hope you enjoyed this flight review! All in all it is was a pleasant flight but they really need to improve the food when departing from SFO.